Nick Speaks At Higher Education Conferences

Our very own Nick Wilson, founder of Working Minds Matter, has been invited to talk at several higher education conferences, including the HEBCon conference taking place this March in Dundee, regarding the business continuity of a University following any traumatic situation that takes place, here in the UK and globally.

Nick will be specifically talking about Trauma Response and below is an overview of the points he will be covering;

Trauma Response – Ideal World v Reality

What is Trauma? What is it to you and what is it to the person next to you? How do you know?

We all have our own Perceptions and Expectations in life, with many of us having a tendency to over complicate things and so we shall be taking a simplistic look of what has become a very overcomplicated subject! Trauma is on a broad spectrum, which is impacted by people’s perceptions and prior experiences, let’s also not forget that Mental Health is very individual.

Today we will be covering the journey from Policy writing, to what happens in reality, looking specifically at the following areas – 1. How people respond to Trauma, thinking about expectations, perceptions, prior experiences, fight, flight or freeze and how this translates in reality? 2. Pastoral care, caring for the carer? 3. What power does the right training provide an individual, thinking specifically about: Self-awareness, Self-care and Self-help? 4. Train along the lines of – P . I . P . R and think Prevention over Support.


Nick Wilson is a Veteran who served 14 years in the British Army during which time, he deployed on several Operational Tours including: Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. He successfully completed varying roles and responsibilities, but mostly he was involved with the Training, Coaching and Mentoring of Recruits, regular Tri-service Military personnel and Multi-National forces.

He was officially diagnosed by Combat Stress in early 2016, as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD, combined with clinical Depression and is further compounded by a debilitating spinal injury that leaves Nick in chronic pain daily, which is tiring physically, emotionally and mentally. Regardless of this, Nick refuses his disabilities to dictate his life and works tirelessly to demonstrate that those with physical or mental injuries can compete with their peers at the highest levels.

These past three years has seen Nick on a journey of recovery, fighting his way back from being in rehabilitation with Combat Stress, experiencing a nervous breakdown, struggling with his PTSD, Depression and being in a Suicidal state. Not of course forgetting his physical disability of the spine, seven disc bulges or pro-lapsed discs and suffering continuous chronic pain.

His recovery journey will continue for years to come, yet through living his values that Nick loves so dearly, combined with the odd bit of dogged determination and in true “cheeky chappy” Nick Wilson style, he will stand in front of any audience with a big smile, bags of confidence and ensure everyone gains something of value whilst learning something new, even if they don’t agree with it!

These are very exciting times for Working Minds Matter as we also launch our all new Stress Container video, the first of its kind in the UK, which is being very well received as it reached over 5000 views through social media within only 24hrs of it being released and several new clients coming on board in the coming weeks.

You can book Nick Wilson for Keynote or Public Speaking, to talk about Workplace Mental Health, have him tell his story or whether you have something specific you would like to discuss with him, by reaching out to us HERE

As ever, take care of those around you, but also, please take care of yourselves!

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A really interesting and engaging session today, thank you so much for attending. It’s not often that such a session will provide a full action plan for an organisation and some really key areas to address, in order to address Mental Health within the workplace. Highly recommended any organisation having Nick come in and speak to your staff, your managers or your leaders! Thanks again Nick!

– Katy Frith, HR Manager, Havebury

I highly recommend Nick, the depth of his knowledge and the manner in which he openly talks about a subject that affects so many lives is nothing short of inspiring.

– Danny Morgan Tech IOSH, Health, Safety & Facilities Manager

It was a pleasure and an honour to have you in this morning to speak about PTSD Nick, I know the team took away some great insight and learning around this topic. Thank you

– Glen Clayton, Aspire Oxford